Previous Editions

The first edition of the SONAE MEDIA ART AWARD took place in 2015. The five finalists were chosen among the 128 accepted submissions, from a total of 174 received. Diogo Evangelista, Patrícia Portela, Rui Penha and Tatiana Macedo, as well as the Musa paradisíaca collaboration of Miguel Ferrão with Eduardo Guerra, were the artists chosen by the selection panel composed by Emília Machado (curator of MNAC), Natxo Checa (curator and film producer at the ZDB gallery, Lisbon) and Sandra Vieira Jurgens (art critic, historian and editor).

The five finalist artists presented a group of original works which showcased the complexity of the artistic languages involved in the concept of media art. The projects developed allowed to question the perceptive limits of art, in which concepts such as interactivity and the performative and immersive aspect are emphasised in the creation of a dialogue with the spectator.

The awarding panel was composed by João Silvério (curator of contemporary art), Lori Zippay (executive director of Electronic Arts Intermix, in New York) and Marco Martins (filmmaker).

Upon considering all the factors inherent to the essence of the award and the works presented, the jury was unanimous in its decision to choose Tatiana Macedo as the winner of the first edition of the SONAE MEDIA ART AWARD. The Jury considered the work entitled ‘1989’ was the best articulated, most coherent and in-depth piece in its multiple artistic and conceptual aspects. The ‘1989’ piece explored the video and filmic media, through a triple projection with spacialised sound, on a personal and sensitive manner, connecting the individual with the political.