The award is intended for artists of Portuguese nationality or foreigners currently residing in Portugal with a maximum age of 40 as of 31 December 2019, inclusive. 

The SONAE MEDIA ART AWARD has the monetary value of 40,000.00 euros (subject to applicable taxes).

The deadline is 17th February 2017.

Yes. Applicants can submit collective applications (2 or more authors), so long as every intervenient fulfils the necessary requirements, i.e., Portuguese nationality or foreign citizens currently residing in Portugal, of a maximum age of 40, as of 31 December 2019, inclusive.

 A member of a collective application may not, under any circumstances, submit an individual application to the same edition.

Selection panel: Adelaide Ginga, António Sousa Dias e Teresa Cruz

Awarding panel: Filipa Oliveira, Nuno Crespo, Ramus Vestergaard

The selection of the finalist artists shall be conducted based on the mandatory evaluation of at least 2 (two) works and, up to a maximum for 3 works, that are to be sent to MNAC-MC, on a DVD, USB flash drive, or in MP4 format, or, for online projects, through the corresponding links. The works can be original, or not, but must have a production date of less than 5 (five) years.

 The awarding is carried out based on the analysis of the original works exhibited by the finalist artists at MNAC-MC, by a jury of three (3) national and international personalities of recognised merit within the field of criticism, curatorship and essayism on contemporary art.

No. The works that must be presented in the application and that will be evaluated do not have to be unpublished, applicants may submit previously exposed pieces. It’s entirely of the applicants’ responsibility to choose which works to present.

The exhibition of the finalist works shall be held at MNAC-MC, and its coordination and executive production shall fall under its responsibility, in conjunction with the respective artists.