Submersed by the volcano

A voyage to one of the most significant books of the 20th century, with many windows facing the exterior.

Expresso - Revista E, 10-12-2016

Under the Volcano with Hugo Canoilas

Today, the artist unveils an exhibition at Museu do Chiado which sprung from the homonymous book by Malcom Lowry. Before that, he talked with GPS.


Sábado, 24-11-2016

The multiple voices of Hugo Canoilas in and out of MNAC

Under the Volcano is a project between film and exhibition, which will be on display at Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea do Chiado between 18 November and 26 March 2017.


Público, 12-08-2016

Hugo Canoilas is going to do public art in Negrais

Visual artist Hugo Canoilas is creating an ambitious project for his future exhibition at Museu do Chiado – and it all begins with a folk festival, with music, food and drinks, and movies.


Visão, 14-07-2016

Tatiana Macedo: Looking at the world in the eye

Different points of view originate different types of thoughts. Tatiana Macedo chooses to look at the world from its borders. She is the first winner of the SONAE MEDIA ART AWARD.


Público, 23-12-2015

Tatiana Macedo wins SONAE MEDIA ART AWARD

The 40,000 euros award was granted for the first time to a 34-year-old young artist.


Diário de Noticias, 11-12-2015

Five candidates to SONAE MEDIA ART

Five candidates to SONAE MEDIA ART, the largest national award to creation Musa Paradisíaca, Tatiana Macedo, Patrícia Portela, Diogo Evangelista e Rui Penha are the candidates to the largest Portuguese award to artistic creation. The exhibition of the first edition will open today at Museu do Chiado.


Público, 21-11-2015