1.1. The award is intended for artists of Portuguese nationality, or foreigners currently residing in Portugal, with a maximum age of 40 as of 31 December 2019, inclusive.

1.2. The winners of previous editions are not eligible for selection in subsequent editions.

2.1. The SONAE MEDIA ART AWARD shall be granted on a biennial basis.

3.1. There will be a selection panel (national and/or international) which will necessarily include a representative of MNAC-MC, and an awarding panel (national and international), which will be announced during the public presentation of each biennial edition of the award.

3.2. The decisions made by the selection and awarding panels are final and joint, thus not appealable.

3.3. Minutes of the panel meetings shall be drafted and kept on file at MNAC-MC.

Applications which do not comply with the requirements set out in these Regulations will automatically be excluded from the application process.

4.1 The selection of the finalist artists shall be conducted based on the mandatory evaluation of at least 2 (two) works and up to a maximum for 3 works, that are to be sent to MNAC-MC, on a DVD, USB flash drive, or in MP4 format, or, for online projects, through the corresponding links. The works can be original, or not, but must have a production date of less than 5 (five) years.

Collective applications will be admitted so long as all elements are duly identified and are in compliance with the requirements set out in the Regulations.

A member of a collective application may not, under any circumstances, submit an individual application to the same edition.

4.2. Works can be submitted for selection to the following address:


Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea Museu do Chiado

Rua Serpa Pinto, 4

1200-444 Lisboa

Or uploaded to the following website:

4.3. Applicants must also submit their curriculum vitae, application form and photocopy or scan of the identity card/citizen card. Foreign applicants currently residing in Portugal must submit corresponding proof of their situation.

4.4. The proposals for this tender shall necessarily have to be sent within the dates defined in the public presentation of each edition of the award.

4.5. The finalist artists shall be selected by a national and/or international jury who will name 5 (five) artists. These artists will be invited to produce and exhibit an original work at MNAC-MC. The selection panel will be comprised of 2 (two) national and/or international personalities of recognised merit within the field of criticism, curatorship and essayism on contemporary art, and 1 (one) representative of MNAC-MC.

4.6. The selection panel reserves the right to request additional information from the artists on the works submitted for selection.

4.7. Each finalist shall be granted an allowance for producing an original work, in the monetary amount of 5,000.00 euros (subject to applicable taxes).

4.8. Selected artists must meet the deadlines set by MNAC-MC for the delivery of the original works for final selection, under penalty of being excluded from the competition and causing the return of the production allowance.

4.9. All works submitted and not selected should be redeemed by the respective authors at MNAC-MC, upon proof of return.

5.1. The awarding is carried out based on the analysis of the original works exhibited by the finalist artists at MNAC-MC, by a jury of three (3) national and international personalities of recognised merit within the field of criticism, curatorship and essayism on contemporary art.

5.2. The SONAE MEDIA ART AWARD has the monetary value of 40,000.00 euros (subject to applicable taxes).

5.3. Ex-aequo awards are not allowed.

6.1. The exhibition by the finalist artists shall be held at MNAC-MC, and its coordination and executive production shall fall under the responsibility of the museum, in articulation with the respective artists.

6.2. The finalist works can neither be displayed publicly nor sold until the announcement of the winner and the closure of the exhibition at MNAC-MC.

6.3 The work and the awarded artist shall be made public during the exhibition at MNAC-MC.

6.4. MNAC-MC shall provide all the necessary equipment to the presentation of the finalist works, as well as their technical maintenance.

6.5. MNAC-MC shall bear the costs relating to accommodation, meals and travel expenses of those artists who do not reside within the metropolitan area of Lisbon, during the exhibition assembling period.

6.6. MNAC-MC produces a bilingual publication on the finalists' exhibition, as well as a website and promotes all disclosure initiatives.

6.7. The finalist artists undertake to submit their original works to MNAC-MC, according to the deadlines set by the Museum, and to accept the possibility of itinerancy of the receptive exhibition that its promoters may wish to promote.

6.8. An edition of the awarded work shall be donated by the awarded artist to the MNAC-MC collection.

6.9. MNAC-MC has the right of first refusal in the acquisition of any of the finalist works.

6.10. The non-awarded finalist works shall be returned to their authors, after the closure of the exhibition at MNAC-MC, or its itinerancies, upon proof of return.

7.1. The finalist artists assign the rights to reproduce images of the works submitted both for the newspaper, website, and any means necessary to the disclosure of the award, including through advertising formats.

7.2- Artists who reach the final authorise MNAC-MC to keep the images and all documentation for the AwardArchive and that of the institution.

7.3- Any other use shall be subject to agreement between MNAC-MC, SONAE and the artists.

These regulations may be revised by the organisation of the SONAE MEDIA ART AWARD.